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Mindfulness is important just like our physical body. Our mind need to practice and train everyday just like how we exercise everyday to keep our body fit. 


Nestspace is looking for partnerships to work together with mental wellness professionals and fun hobby classes to provide training, classes, workshops and programmes to empower community to be more resilience and positive. Digital marketing, venue, PA system and event crew will be covered by Nestspace and profit will be shared by 50% between trainer and Nestspace.

Hassel-Free & We got it covered!

The 3 main concerns Coaches have when planning for a training are the costs & planning of the venue, marketing, and manpower. The best of this partnership is that Nestspace will cover the costs and planning for it. So partner up with us and just focus on creating the content of the class and let us come together to give the best to the community.


PA System, Air Conditioner, Projectors/TV

Marketing Cost

Offline & Online Marketing Cost

Man Power

Team & Commitment

Coach Role


Prepare content and presentation slide for class

Nestspace Role


PA System, Air Conditioner, Projectors/TV

Marketing Cost

Offline & Online Marketing Cost

Graphic Design

Provide content and slides design. (If needed)

Promotion Material

Moderator, Video shooting, Video editing, Poster designs

All Cost

All the cost above covered by Nestspace


Profit Sharing from Total Sales, NOT Net Profit

Frequently Asked Questions

Total Sales mean is from the total tickets sales, net profits is total profit after deduct the venue, PA System marketing, man power,  and other cost. We are sharing with coach without deduct the cost. 

Just WhatsApp us at 012 – 515 6757 to further discuss  on the partnership

Our event hall can fit in about 30  to 40 pax

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