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Worriless at Your Fingertips

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Worriless at Your Fingertips

There are always some days when my headache came worse. But again, it’s just a small matter. On days when the tiring flu came, I will just grab the Panadol, tissues on ready and hot soup to fill up the tummy. Sometimes it will be okay but most of the time it becomes worse, yet I usually ignore it. It’s not that I don’t care about my body but mountains of work are always waiting for me.

There’s a day when I took the courage to go see a doctor.

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That’s when I decided to just lie down and sleep. The clinics were far from my area, so I had to drive there. The price was quite pricey, considering that maybe I just had flu or migraine. To top the icing on the cake, the waiting kept me tired and I had more works coming. That’s just not what I needed.

One day, I came across a website, Babylon Health. I was wondering what it was about and the first thing that caught my eye is “to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.” I thought to myself and downloaded the app.

I tapped on “check a symptom” and answers a few questions before it suggested a consultation. It could be done on the phone or a video call. Cool, is it? Save my time and my body too!

The consultation is like a regular check with the doctor at the clinic and I felt comfortable, knowing that I could check my health at the comfort of my home. Soon after consultation, a video of it was available on my Babylon app, in case I had forgotten anything. I also received a short text from the doctor that summarized his findings on my health and some bits of advice. If I needed a prescription, it will be sent within the hour to my local pharmacy. Everything was done at my fingertips and I never felt relieved, knowing my condition and still can do my works.

As the saying goes, Babylon Health is determined to work on making healthcare delivery hassle-free. Based in the UK, Babylon offers a world-leading health tech services, entrust users to manage their health. It has gotten more interesting as Prudential Corporation Asia entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with Babylon Health to existing and new customers of Prudential across Asia.

Prudential is one of Asia’s leading insurance providers, where its brand is compatible with trust. They help customers to lead healthier and more secure lives, consistent with Babylon Health’s objective to address the unmet healthcare needs in Asia where a majority of the population are uninsured, alongside with developing population and rising medical costs.

By combining the best technology with the best medical expertise, they aim to serve unparalleled access to healthcare including health assessment, treatment advice and direct appointments with doctors 24/7! Wasn’t it works wonder for everyone?

The service includes Babylon’s symptom checker , a consultation with an experienced doctor within minutes, Babylon Healthcheck to understand your current health and Babylon Monitor to manage your health regularly for those who are very busy, just like me!

It’s such a good thing to explore and experienced “fast and furious” healthcare within your everyday friend, smartphone.

Check out the Babylon Health website for more in-depth information as they also provide many good articles and facts. You can also download the Babylon app to experience the benefit that you never felt before!

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