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Stop The Waiting!

Stop The Waiting!

Unsystematic queues are always a miserable experience! There is a difference between in line for coffee, and in line where your health is at risk. To see a doctor, it depends on the queue system and whether it is by appointment only.

It is unusual how hospitals deal with health issues, while the waiting time become blow-out. A local survey, conducted by Malay Mail Online, 40% of the respondents said that they waited for 4 hours to see a doctor at public clinics or hospitals. Then, 26% recorded as 60 minutes waiting time while 8% experienced less than an hour wait. Roughly 7% revealed that they waited between 2 and 4 hours and shockingly, 2% of them waited tiring 8 hours for service in this health institution.

For something as time-sensitive as healthcare, this calls for disaster and patients know as much. This dissatisfaction affects not only the persons’ mood but the working environment in general. Following the decade of instant service, the unneeded stress passes on to the doctors and staff too, such as someone argues in the waiting area demanding to be seen first. Hence, it’s just a tiresome experience to look at.

Luckily, in today’s high technology and potential expertise, QueueMed got you covered. QueueMed is an O2O solution created by a group of doctors to aid clinics and hospitals in health-tech transformation.  They also specialize in providing multi-channel appointment booking, mobile queue alternatives and E-Payment solutions to the medical centre.

QueueMed E-Wallet

It aims to help healthcare providers to boost patient’s satisfaction, by including its solution with all their booking channels. They allows patients to make appointments and ticket online and receive automatic reminders accessibly.

QueueMed also allows patients to check live queue so that they can monitor their waiting time from their mobile. As quoted by QueueMed, “Understanding the patient journey is the key in delivering a satisfaction experience in any healthcare industry.”

For more information, check out their facebook page @QueueMed and cut the waiting right away!

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