Mission 2

To create a healthcare hub with Professionals & Start-Ups

A vibrant community for healthcare professionals, techies and creatives that encourages innovation, creativity and passion in taking health and wellness industry to another milestone.

Our Story

When we started Nestspace in 2018, we were set on a mission to change the stereotype of a boring, stressful and strict working environment into a new, exciting and productive setting. We strive to inspire the community and create a nest for new startups and small businesses to grow, network and collaborate in a conducive yet affordable space.

And Now, Nestspace coworking is focusing to build a hub that specializes in MedTech and HealthTech with healthcare Professionals & Start-Ups. The idea came about as majority of our members are from medical and health industries. We are now embarking into the journey of creating a mental fitness center for and together with the community.

Our Mission


To build and stay connected in a positive community, like a nest

Embrace Together

Let us embrace each other and walk together in the entrepreneurial journey.


Success is a journey and being persistent is the key to keep going


We are the creators, leaders and self starters. We try new things, we challenge convention and we are not afraid to fail.


We are grateful for each other, our members, the successes and to be part of this community.


We stay true to our brand, mission, and values. We are not perfect, and we do not pretend to be.

Join a supportive community of healthcare tech & creative entrepeneurs