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Unlimited Pass - Shared Coaching Room


Unlimited Access

50 Booking Slot/day

Affordable Space

No Hidden Fees

Flexible Termination

No Commitment

Space Built For Full-Time Coaches

A pass that was customly made just for you, yes you, the one that is looking for a coaching room that is cozy, private, can access anyday, anytime without any restriction and most importantly, does not crack your bank account.

Here’s the Unlimited Pass for our cozy coaching room that can be accessed for any amount of time in the month for just RM300. Segregate your appointments to as many days as you want including after working hours, weekends and public holidays with the unlimited pass! Just let us know which day and time that you would like to book the room and it’s all yours, at a price of RM300/month!

24/7 Access

High Speed Internet

Privacy With Comfortable space

Decentralize Air Conditonal

Water, Coffee & Tea

Air Purifier

What We Provide

If you are wondering, what’s the secret to our cozy coaching room, we can’t narrow it to one specific thing as everything is important!

It has high internet speed, tinted rooms to provide private and comfortable space, air purifier, couches, work desk with chair and decentralized air conditioner for you to keep the room at your preferred temperature. Not only is the coaching room unlimited, but so is our coffee and tea for you!


Often Asked Questions

For security reasons, we don’t encourage you to pass your access to another coach.

We go by the calendar month for the monthly rate.

All you have to do is to WhatsApp to us at 012-515 6757 and we will assist you on the booking process

Our coaching room is about 100 to 120 sqft and it comes with 2-3 couches, work desk and chair

Just WhatsApp us and we will proceed on the sign up and booking process 

No, once you have booked the Sharing Coaching Room, only you will access to it for the day that you have booked 

The room is accessible at the slots that you have booked on that day as it will be given to other coaches at the time of no usage. You can still work at our lounge or waiting areas before your next slot. 

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