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Medic Footprints Malaysia: Doctors Meetup 2020

Medic Footprints Malaysia
The feelings of exhaustion and overwhelming work surroundings have slowly grow to be the norm within the medical fraternity, which is why pushing most doctors to their breaking level. Alternative careers, previously seen as a relatively taboo among doctors, is now openly discussed about and pursued.

Hence, Medic Footprints aims to help the doctors uncover the alternatives that might interest them. Based in UK, Dr. Abeyna Jones and Sara Sabin founded the organization in 2014. They provide an online resource and career opportunities for doctors who wish to diversify their careers. Moreover, they also run networking events monthly with one large conference per year. These boundless opportunities have introduced doctors to a lot of growing sectors such as health-tech, corporate, business and many more.

On January 18, 2020, Medic Footprints had organized their FIRST EVER networking event in Malaysia. The event “Medic Footprints for Malaysia: Doctors Meet up” was held at Nestspace – Med and Health Tech Coworking – and featured inspiring stories from three doctors.

Medic Footprints Malaysia

Dr Selina, Founder of Medic Footprints Malaysia

Dr. Selina used to be within Anaesthesia and ICU division before she discovered and founded the Medic Footprints Malaysia. One day, she suffered a prolapsed intervertebral disc and had to return for work after one month of the incident. She was on duty, regardless of being on so many prescriptions and inability to stroll greater than 10 meters due to ache and muscle fatigue.

She requested 3 months of light-duty but instead, they switched her to the Emergency Division which could affect her damage more. Hence, she determined to depart the medical flow and start fresh. She found Medic Footprints which based in UK, when she was feeling misplaced and alone. The bullying stigma, lacks empathy and compassion made her a new person that you see now. She aims to build more relatable path for one who suffers and might searching for advice, listener or alternatives to another level of careers opportunities.

Dr Suraj Wilson

Dr. Suraj is a medical doctor with an amazing track record of 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry and 10 years in clinical practice. He has worked across the US, Europe and Japanese multinational pharmaceutical companies, covering countries across the Asia Pacific region. It has given him a wide knowledge base and skills needed to contribute to the pharmaceutical industry successfully. Dr Suraj has stated in the events about what will future ones expect when entering this industry and how to manage it. Currently, he is also the Malaysian ambassador for the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA).

Medic Footprints Malaysia

Dr Kev Lim

Dr. Kev Lim is also a medical doctor, techie & entrepreneur. He decided to give up his position in the Master’s programme and ventured into the health-tech industry. Dr. Kev inspired to be the aggregator in the Healthcare industry and make changes for a better experience for everyone. Hence, he co-founded the QueueMed Healthtech with a group of doctors, to be the pioneer in the industry, assisting clinic & hospital in Digital Healthcare Transformation. QueueMed aims to solve the traditional queuing system in healthcare and ease patients’ journey of seeking medical assistant.

QueueMed Dr. Kev Lim


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