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Medic Footprints Malaysia: Alternative Careers for Doctors Meetup

Medic Footprints Malaysia
The successful event went on smoothly for Medic Footprints Malaysia. On February 15, 2020, they organized another event in Nest space which was “Alternative Careers for Doctors Meet-Up” and invited two more aspiring doctors who shared their journey of transitioning to a new career. The speakers were Dr Nadhirah Babji and Dr Izzhar Putra.

Dr. Nadhirah Babji

Since graduating with a degree in medicine, Dr. Nadhirah has found herself at the front lines of the Syrian refugee crisis several times. She is a medical doctor and enthusiastic humanitarian. She has extensive experience in volunteering across Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Tanzania and Kenya to provide medical aid and disaster relief. Moreover, she also involved in relief efforts in some of the notable disasters around the world like the Mediterranean refugee crisis in Europe, the Palu earthquake and the Rohingya refugee crisis. Traveling across India by herself is what sparked her penchant for relief and community work.  Her work has caught the attention of various NGOs, who have engaged her to help set up medical facilities in disaster zones.

Not many of her peers understood her passion, but she believes that you can serve to the communities when you do what you know best. Dr. Nadhirah also explained that doing humanitarian is actual work and you will get paid. Involving in the humanitarian industry is a good experience to upscale the doctors’ expertise in the medical field.

Above all, she got a scholarship to attend the Health Emergencies in Large Population course at John Hopkins University, Baltimore. Currently, Dr. Nadhirah is working as the Regional Community Health Officer with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Asia Pacific Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur.

Medic Footprints Malaysia

Dr. Izzhar Putra

Dr. Izzhar was a medical doctor and now the Commercial Director for Pathology Asia Holdings Pte Ltd. Prior to this, he was the Business Development Head at BioMark, a Singapore-based health tech start-up and a marketing manager at Malaysia’s largest generic pharmaceutical firm, Duopharma. He was medically trained in the United Kingdom and recently completed a Masters of Business Administration at Singapore Management University. Dr. Izzhar mentioned that his biggest motivation in pursuing to be a doctor is his dad who owns a clinic in Brunei. Furthermore, he believes that there are very few things in life more satisfying than helping someone recover from an illness. This gave him the direction to pursue a career in healthcare. But, not all path ended with shining light.

While enjoying his time as a medical doctor, he was curious to explore what else he could do within the realm of healthcare and make a bigger difference in society. So, he joined an established Malaysian pharmaceutical company where Dr. Izzhar exposed to a whole new world of business and management. The experience that he gained was invaluable and it helped smoothen his transition to the corporate environment. Currently, he oversees the sales and marketing activities for Gribbles Pathology and Quantum Diagnostics laboratories in Malaysia.

Medic Footprints Malaysia

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