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Healthcare Beyond The Sky

Healthcare Beyond The Sky

It’s finally the anticipating decade – the 2020s. That’s how the 1920s seemed to people 100 years ago today. They were all used to the 19-teens, and suddenly they were like, “Whoa! Cool, we’re in the twenties!”

Health-tech in 2020

“The twenties” is super legit-sounding and sound old school vibes. Throughout the years reaching 2020s, there are many exciting technological advancements created and we will be expecting, even more, coming through this decade. One of the recent successful inventions include drones – an aircraft without a human pilot on board.

Drones in Healthcare 2020

It is normally associated with videography or photography but according to Communications and Multimedia Minister, Gobind Singh Deo, he said that drones can be an advantage for various fields. It includes agriculture, food supplies for people trapped in disaster and most importantly, healthcare and medicine. 

Although it is a very transformational idea with many consequences, the drones’ ability to travel across all sorts of landscapes quickly with a high degree of accuracy, starting to make an impact in the medical field. There are so many countries that have started to use drones in healthcare and overturn the traditional methods for the benefits of every people in need.

For example, a joint venture between Seattle based company and Matter Net, they transport blood samples from remote community hospitals to a large hospital in Lilongwe, the capital city of the African State, Malawi. A Nevada Based start-up also testing drone deliveries of first aid kits and emergency medication.

Drones overflies forest fire

Getting this essential equipment and medicines from one place to another is not always easy, especially in harsh environments like war zones and environmental disasters. It could help medical expertise as a medium to those communicable disease areas or critical infrastructure damage that would prevent typical ground aid transport. 

 Drones also can be potential use for other health-related. From the dronesinhealthcare.comit can be as bedside medication delivery. Instead of depending on the medical assistant to bring medication to patients from hospital pharmacies, it can do the same. This eliminates some potentials for human error involved in administering medication, which helps to decrease the chance of patients receive the wrong dosage or medicines.

 More or less, we hope that these potential inventions would help more in the future to achieve transformative improvements in healthcare delivery. 

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