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Health Literacy


Ashraf Sinclair

Heart disease is often thought to be an older person’s problem, but in fact, it can affect anyone. More and more young people are diagnosed everyday, as well as women who have risk factors. According to Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye, deaths from heart disease increase every year, with 50 people dying from the health condition daily. Hence, it is the leading cause of ‘sudden death’ in Malaysia.

However, many people seem to be not bothered with the issues and neglect their health literacy. For your information, health literacy is the ability of an individual to obtain, process and understand their basic health information and services. It helps people to make appropriate health decisions and promote good health. 

These are the efforts that BioMark aiming to improve the health literacy of people, both individually and at an organization level. Poor of healthcare literacy is related to poorer health outcomes and increased mortality. This is not a good sign for the development of the future.


BioMark App

BioMark is a platform that helps patients and doctors make sense of medical data to prevent and manage disease. It aims towards a more personalised, predictive and preventative healthcare. They are on a mission to reduce these problems by getting everyone biomarking.

Therefore, the BioMark App could help you to take control of your health requires knowledge. These 3 simple steps aim to empower people so that they can make better decisions about their health.

Step 1

BioMark App

Download the app and take a picture of your lab test. They’ll store, chart and help you make sense of your results.

Step 2

BioMark App

Understand your risk of developing chronic diseases. They will help you understand what your results mean and what your health risks are.

Step 3

BioMark App

Take preventative action to be your healthiest self and keep tracking your progress.


Visit their website @ https://www.biomarking.com/index.html  and their social medias @ Facebook and Instagram.

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