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Coronavirus Outbreak!

Coronavirus Outbreak!

It has been a frightening week for most of the people around the world. Tension kept growing and everyone is terrified to not be able to move anywhere without worrying of the serious consequences. The world has been alarmed as the deadly new virus behind a fast-spreading epidemic are growing rapidly day by day. What freaking us out is that the tolls rise up to 31, 524 cases across worldwide with 638 people have died in China, according to World Health Organization’s data as in 7th February 2020.

It does not help anyone’s adrenaline as Malaysia also confirmed its 14th case, said Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. Rest assured that for now, all of the cases are from Chinese nationals who came from Wuhan. It does not guarantee that other people will not be affected and there’s not much information to be known about this virus, which at the moment carries the scientific name 2019-nCoV, meaning “novel coronavirus.” These coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, commonly infection from animals, that cause respiratory illnesses such as common cold and in some cases, can cause highly  dangerous diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis! The 2019-nCoV virus is believed to originate from bats or snakes, although researcher have yet to confirmed into where the infection is started.

If you have experienced any runny nose, coughing, sore throat or even high fever, please seek for medical check immediately before it develops into more serious occurrence. For your information, efforts are tremendously underway to find a vaccine but even the most optimistic timelines said that it takes few months of scientific development before human clinic trials can begin. So, the most effective way that we can do now to stop the virus’s spread is to limit transmission by identifying infected people and get them for immediate treatment and isolation. It’s a consent for uninfected individuals too to take very good care of ourselves by wearing
masks and bring hand sanitizer when we are at crowded or public places.

Wuhan coronavirus infographics

As advised by the KKM, prevention can be done including avoid close contact with infected people, always wash your hands with water and soap, avoid touching wild animals and stay at home if you are feeling sick. All in say, the world is pulling together to end this outbreak and hopely, the number of loss will be decreasing and put an end to this global emergency.

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