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Build You,
win your game of throne at your career.

Life is like a game, it can be actually really fun. In order to win, you will need to build your mental strength to overcome challenges.

“Life is a game, and it’s much more fun if you play it as your own game, so stay light and loose and relaxed.” Bill Murray

We will work with you to move you forward in your life gamE

Training & Coaching

12 Sessions / Program

Group Coaching

5pax/ Group


Winning your game of thrones can be very fun and exciting. You must first understand your characteristics, strengths, and limits. With that, you will be able to take on the different stages of defeating your enemy. 

This program is tailored to sharpen your skills and abilities, with the goal of preparing you to have the best chance at beating the game.  

Beat the odds, win the game of thrones of your career. 

What you Learn


Here, we provide training and coaching to equip yourself prior to participating in your game


Taking any discomfort in the organization as a learning opportunity


Able to have two way communication to build a strong teamwork


Face changes in task delegation as opportunity to learn


Complete urgent tasks in order for the team productivity


To be accountable and responsible towards the assigned tasks


Make important career progression decisions at work with sharp and firm mindset


Able to empower the team to move towards the organizational goal

Build Your Real Resume

Is your existing skillset sufficient to fit into the market? Build your soft skills as your life foundation for you to scale up with resilient mind in the industry.

Fresh Graduate
Entering the wilderness (workplace) for the first time will always be scary. This programme will be able to help you find yourself, your strengths, and limits, all which are vital for building you into a hot commodity for many companies.
Startup Workplace
The environment in startups is always very fast-paced. This makes us neglect our mental fitness which is a compulsory tool for sustaining the business. In this programme, you will learn how to prioritize tasks, have a positive mindset, be adaptable, manage your stress, which are all soft skills that would accelerate the growth of your company.


Just like finding out the cheat codes or to better put it, the strategies to win a game, there’s always cheat codes to find our way to win the life game. When it comes to life, the only cheat code is to analyze, be it yourself as the player, the enemy or the battleground and the best part is that you have a guide to take you one step at a time. 

The first stage of the game is to analyze your traits and abilities, knowing where to invest your time in.
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Understanding the enemy that you will be facing gives you the tips to prevent yourself from getting hurt.
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Along the journey to meet your enemy, you will build an armory of weapons that would help you in your quest to defeat the enemy.
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This is the stage where you will discover your true means and goals. Most importantly, your purpose of playing the 'game' with a guide by your side.
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Learning Without Applying It = "Tin Kosong"

Applying what you learn is important, it is very easy for you to forget everything if you do not practice it. Our program focuses on making sure that you better yourself and most importantly, learn to apply it. We will be by your side to empower you to move forward.

Your journey will take place in a span of 7 months. Check out your road map below:

Session 1
Find your innerself & your invisible enemy
Session 2
Coaching & Apply
Session 3
Prioritise your task, Adaptability & Positive Thinking
Session 4
Coaching & Apply
Session 5
Intergrity & Communication
Session 6
Coaching & Apply
Session 7
Coaching & Apply
Session 8
Coaching & Apply
Session 9
Integrity & Communication
Session 10
Coaching & Apply
Session 11
Life purpose & Happiness
Session 12
Coaching & Apply


Group Coaching, and group learning is important. It will have higher outcomes compared to personal coaching.  You will receive more ideas  

Coaching refers to a method of training, counselling or instructing an individual or a group how to develop skills to enhance their productivity or overcome a performance problem. The supervisor is called a coach while the learner is called the coachee.

We believe building your life foundation cannot be fast. It will require learning, self-reflection, and applying it. We know in the market a lot training only takes 3 days to finish, but how many of you will apply it after 3 days? In this program, our coach will have accountability with you to make sure you able to improve you.

Yes, it is refundable with term & Conditions

We will replace your class with other group to make sure you able to attend.  You have 3 times to change the sessions. If you miss more that 3 times, the coach have the right to terminate your agreement and forfeit your balance. 

It will be great if you buy this program for your loved one.  But you mid of attending the program, you are unable to transfer to others.

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