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Medic Footprints Malaysia: Alternative Careers for Doctors Meetup

Medic Footprints Malaysia
The successful event went on smoothly for Medic Footprints Malaysia. On February 15, 2020, they organized another event in Nest space which was “Alternative Careers for Doctors Meet-Up” and invited two more aspiring doctors who shared their journey of transitioning to a new career. The speakers were Dr Nadhirah Babji and Dr Izzhar Putra. Dr....

Sweeter Than Most!

Valentine's Day
It’s that time of the year again, where love in the air happened around the world. With all the candies, boxes of chocolate and fancy meals, Valentine may be the sweetest of all celebrations, but not always in a good way. Having diabetes means less sugary intakes and continuous frustration! At times, one will feel...

Silent Sight Between Us

Elderly are having time together at CARE Concierge
Silent Sight Between UsIt’s a disappointment when you could not give the best out of you. There’s a pinch of sorrow when words like,  “Harini balik lewat lagi ke?”  “Hari weekend pun sunyi kan?” hits you right at the bottom of your heart. Quoted from George Lorimer, “It’s good to have money and the things...

Healthcare Beyond The Sky

Healthcare Beyond The SkyIt’s finally the anticipating decade – the 2020s. That’s how the 1920s seemed to people 100 years ago today. They were all used to the 19-teens, and suddenly they were like, “Whoa! Cool, we’re in the twenties!” “The twenties” is super legit-sounding and sound old school vibes. Throughout the years reaching 2020s, there...

Stop The Waiting!

Stop The Waiting!Unsystematic queues are always a miserable experience! There is a difference between in line for coffee, and in line where your health is at risk. To see a doctor, it depends on the queue system and whether it is by appointment only. It is unusual how hospitals deal with health issues, while the...
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